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Stainless Steel











The "300" series of Stainless Steel is the most common. It offers the greatest resistance to corrosion. They are austenitic, non-magnetic, and resistant to most acids. They cannot be hardedned by heat treating but when work hardened they can become slightly magnetic.      

Type 302

Commonly used for cold heading of screws, bolts, washers , cotter pins, and stamped parts.

Type 303

Items milled from bar, i.e Screw Machine parts, Hexagon Nuts.

Type 304

Used for Machine, Cap, and Sheet Metal Screw. Other Items hot forged or cold headed. A superior grade of 18-8.

Type 305

Same as 304 but improved for cold heading qualities. Does not work harden as well as previous three types. Most cold headed products are made from this.

Type 309

Excellent corrosion resistance. Resists oxidation temp. up to 2,000 deg.

Type 316

Better corrosion resistance than 18-8 because of higher % of Nickel & Molybdenum.

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The "400" series will not progressivley rust but corrosion resistance is lesser than that of the "300" series. They are magnetic and are usually more inexpensive.

Type 410

Used for Sheet Metal Screws. Can be hardened to 40 Rockwell C.

Type 402

Items Milled from bar i.e Hexagon Nuts. Can be bright hardened.

Type 430

Generally used in Production of Phillips Head fasteners when cost is an major factor.

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