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Every company is constantly looking for cost savings without jeopardizing their quality.  By offering these services we found a solution to both.  If it is an assembly project you need to accomplish or a special bag job, we take great pride in getting the job done accurately the first time.  Our bar coding can help streamline your flow of inventory effeciently.  Let us know what we can do for you. Call 1-847-640-8040.  


Many companies are not equipped with resources or manpower for the menial tasks of assembly.  Look no further.  Combined with all of In-Lines' resources we are a one stop shop for any and all of your fastener needs. The most cost efficient savings is doing it right the first time. That's In-Line!

Bagging / Kitting

The in-house bagging/kitting operation at In-Line Fastener  is first class when it comes to accuracy and efficiency.  Our systems are in place to ensure that the final product

is exactly what you requested, offering you endless possibilities of products, bag sizes, customized labelling,

and more.  From multi-level projects to simple stuffing and sealing, we never compromise quality and accuracy. You can count on that.    

Bar Coding

Inventory Management is not a simple task.  In-Line has unlimited ability to fulfill any custom bar code functions you request, helping you streamline the inventory process.  You provide the information which you would like bar coded and we will do it the way you want. You are in control. Just another example of how In-Line Fastener can make fastener buying simple and efficient.     

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